Ayşenur Çenesiz

by Ayşenur Çenesiz

Who is Ayşenur Çenesiz and what does she do? She wrote about herself and her works in the Diartisan.

Ayşenur Çenesiz
Ayşenur Çenesiz. Photo was taken by Said Dağlı.

The most important thing in life is sharing. The dormitory nights, a conservation during the class, even sympathizing my environment’s sorrows or happiness, for me, are something should not be forgotten as they all have place and meaning in my life. Naguib Mahfouz says, “[F]orgetfulness is the plague of our alley.” My first and foremost intention is to fight with this plague, both in my academic and personal life.

I, Ayşenur Çenesiz, interested in Ottoman History and Gender Studies. Specifically, I try to understand the marginalized groups whose fates surrounded by the forgetfulness: especially minorities and women. The endeavor to hear and understand the ones whose voices have been suppressed make me ambitious to urge upon sharing. By doing so, I believe, we can be ready to fight with this plague. Beside all these, I enjoy dealing with literature and photography.

To keep a blog, for me, is a manifestation of a strong desire to enlarge one’s sharing circle. Diartisan is the place where I intend not only to share my productions, thoughts and feelings but also to enrich them day by day. This blog, itself, is the place based on sharing as its name signs collaboration with prefix “di”.

I, with all my passions, desires and interests, read the lines of Nâzım Hikmet out loud: “To live: as if we’re weaving the best silk cloth/one by one/ and all together…To live: as if we’re chanting/ a joyous paean/as a chorus”.

Resume of Ayşenur Çenesiz


MA: Bilkent University, The Department of History, ’21.
BA: Middle East Technical University, The Department of Political Science, ’18.


Turkish (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
Ottoman Turkish (Advanced)
Russian (Beginner)
Armenian (Beginner)

Work Experience

Internship: History Foundation, Ankara Office. ’17.
Internship: The Turkish Ministry of European Union Affairs, ’16.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (Well)
WordPress (Well)

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