Said Dağlı

by Said Dağlı

Who is Said Dağlı (a.k.a. Beyaz Said) and what does he do? He wrote about himself and his works in the Diartisan.

Said Dağlı, a.k.a. Beyaz Said
Said Dağlı (a.k.a. Beyaz Said). Photo was taken by Ayşenur Çenesiz.

My whole story is blended in Ankara, the capital of Turkey and the stepsister of Istanbul. Not only I was, proudly, born in Ankara but also, I have a fight with her. All the struggles I face, all the things that I write and create, all my hates and all my loves are, somehow, related to this wicked city. It is my inspiration and my nightmare at the same time.

To face my and my hometown’s confusion, wickedness and bastardy, I must leave Ankara. I lost my safe harbor; I found my path. Ursula once said, “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next”. The Diartisan is the captain’s log of this journey.

The keywords that I, Said Dağlı, am chasing are Turkish Modernization, Urban History and Fiction & Politics. I also create digital arts, do street photography and carry out actual projects. I have, obviously, a special interest in Ankara in terms of both academic studies and artistic occupations.

It is hard to be sailing in a heavy sea during the long nights of winter. Sometimes, it is to see the lights of a harbor what makes sailors feel safe and secure. Yet, a new light also foreshadows unknown dangers and alien threats. No harbor is safer than a sailor’s homeland. He knows his land warts and all. So, where will he land and take shelter in, if he doesn’t feel safe and secure even in his homeland? I don’t know.

Farewell, my safe harbor!

Resume of Said Dağlı


BA: Bilkent University, The Department of International Relations, ’18.


Turkish (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
Ottoman Turkish (with a basic understanding of Arabic and Persian)
German (Beginner)

Work Experience

Internship: Hece Publishing; I have proofread the Parody: Ancient, Modern, Post-modern translated by Cansu Dikme and helped her in prepress works. Jul-Aug 2016.

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (Advanced)
Adobe Creative Cloud (Very Well)
WordPress (Advanced)

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