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Researcher and Academic

About Me

I am Ayşenur Çenesiz. study and create on Ottoman History and Gender Studies. My primary focus is on subalterns, especially women and minorities. I am also interested in literature and photography.

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Publications and Symposiums

MA Thesis Dissertation

Women and Namus, as a Regulative Phenomenon, in Early Modern Ottoman Society

In my master’s thesis, I discussed the concept of namus (honor) as a regulative phenomenon in early modern Ottoman society and specifically for ordinary women. My aim was to understand how the namus of women differs from the general perception of it in Ottoman society. As a result of a comprehensive archive research and literature review, it became clear that the namus of women in Ottoman society was perceived as a fragile value reduced to sexuality. What particularly caught my attention was that this perception of namus brought three-layered protection mechanism that is intertwined with each other: woman – family – society.

Archiving in Turkey today and tomorrow- Women in the Archives Symposium

Vocabulary Of Namus And Women’s Sexuality In 18th Century Ottoman Court Registers And Petitions
In this paper, I tried to evaluate the perception of namus (honor) around women’s sexuality and the special language created by this perception, taking into account the common/ordinary Ottoman women. For this, I made use of 18th century registry records and petitions. By analyzing the words and phrases used by the Ottoman society in these documents, I tried to see how the society perceived women’s sexuality and namus in detail.


Bilkent University

History PhD, Doctoral Programme
I am currently a PhD student at Bilkent University History Department, studying on Ottoman History and Gender Studies.

Bilkent University

History MA, Master's Degree Programme

I have studied on Ottoman Social and Political History, and I have written my MA Thesis on Women and Namus, as a Regulative Phenomenon in Premodern Ottoman Society.

Middle East Technical University

Political Science and Public Administration - Major Programme

I’ve studied on Political Thought & Sociology, Turkish Bureaucracy and Political Structure, Theories of Nationalism, Globalization and Nation States, History of Central Asia.

Middle East Technical University

History - Minor Programme

I’ve improved my Ottoman Turkish capability. I’ve learned the basics of Methodology of History and specialized in Ottoman History.

Latest Project

Hakimiyeti Milliye

Said and I have transcribed 20 issues of an old Turkish Newspaper to modern Turkish for a project held by Ankara Municipality.


Courses I Give

HIST 200

Turkish History 200 // Bilkent University
I am currently an instructor of Turkish History courses at
Bilkent University Department of History.

TURK 101 - 102

Turkish 101 & 102 // Bilkent University

I was an instructor at Bilkent University Turkish Unit. I gave Turkish 101 and Turkish 102 courses for five semesters.

Work Experience


History Foundation (Tarih Vakfı)

I have scanned the library of the foundation for my research interests during my volunteer stay in the summer break.


Turkish Republic, Ministry of European Union
I helped Black Sea Basin Cross Border Cooperation Programme and Bulgaria-Turkey Cross-Border Cooperation Programme projects.

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