M. Said Dağlı

Researcher and Developer

About Me

I am Said Dağlı. I work mainly on Ottoman History, Civic Studies, and Ankara. I am currently an MA student of History at Bilkent University. I am also the founder of diMedya, which provides digital communication services to clients.

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Work Experience

I have been working as a freelancer for quite some time. I have built my first website when I was just eleven. Sometimes paid, sometimes unpaid… I always tried to create constantly. Here are the recent examples of my formal work experience.


I have started my own business, under the umbrella of diArtisan, named diMedya. I provide digital communication services to my clients. I build websites, create videos and graphic art works, develop social media and communication strategies, write-create-participate in projects, and design brands. You can view a piece of my portfolio below.


During my internship in one of the most prestigious publishers in Turkey, Hece Publishing, I proofread the “Parody: Ancient, Modern, Post-modern” translated by Cansu Dikme and helped her in prepress works.

Educational Background

I work, and I study. After I started my business, I allocated most of my earnings to my education. In 2020, I enrolled in History MA Programme at Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University. Here a few notes on my educational background.

Bilkent University

History MA, Master's Degree

I am an MA student in the History MA Programme of Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University. I work mainly on civic history of early modern and modern Ottoman Empire. My thesis project is on Public Sphere and Public Opinion in the Ottomans, in the case of Namazgah Hill of Ankara.

Bilkent University

International Relations BA, Bachelor's Degree

I have graduated from Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University, International Relations Department in 2018, with 3,18 CGPA. Meanwhile I took additional courses from Turkish Literature and History departments, enlarged my area of expertise, which eventually led me to the Department of History.


Here you can view a selection from my portfolio and a short list of my clients and project partners.


I have started diMedya, under the umbrella of diArtisan.


I built the diKraft website and I regularly create content in it.

Ottoman Women Press

We are currently working on a Digital Humanities project.

Hakimiyeti Milliye

We have transcribed 20 issues of Hakimiyeti Milliye Newspaper.

Haydi Gençler

I develop websites for Gençlerbirliği Sports Club.


I developed the website of Bilkent University Turkish Literature Dep.

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My Research and Development Interests

Here is a general view of my research and work interests.

History and Civic Studies

I do academic research and create digital projects on civic culture and history.

History of Technology

I am eager to learn and resarch about the history of technology.


I create films, documentaries and social media videos.

Web and Graphic Design

I design websites and digital graphics for our projects and for our customers.

Cultural Studies and Projects

I create and take part in social, cultural and digital projects.

Professional Communication

I provide consultation on professional communication strategies.

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